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When a student drops out of college, everyone loses: the student, the college, and society at large.

CapEd’s systematic, technology-enabled approach to managing student retention helps partner institutions lift student retention rates. We employ a multi-faceted approach that begins with targeted student recruitment, is woven throughout every student’s learning experience, and is augmented by tools we provide you with to monitor student engagement.

Targeted Recruitment and Enrollment

Our retention efforts start early. We focus on the marketing to and recruitment of qualified applicants for our partners’ online programs. We ensure that candidates’ profiles are closely aligned with college requirements and success factors. Next, we work with administrators to ensure that prospective students are well-supported through the admissions process. Our systems can connect with your Student Information System (SIS) to ensure a seamless enrollment process.

Engaging Learning Experience

We seek to immediately engage students in order to set the stage for future success. Our orientation course ensures that students new to online learning quickly become expert users of our Virtual Campus. This comprehensive learning system has been designed to boost students’ connections with each other and their instructors by mirroring a campus-learning environment. Our courses are designed to foster discussions between students and their instructors, there by creating a highly interactive experience akin to a classroom. Additional opportunities to network, chat, discuss, and blog with other students creates a sense of academic community, resulting in higher retention.

Identification of At-Risk Students

Our Virtual Campus identifies disengaged students at risk of withdrawing from a course or program and alerts faculty members regarding drop-off, or changes in student activity and participation. This early identification allows us to collaborate with faculty and administrators to implement intervention measures that help students get back on track.

24x7 Tech Support

Capital Education’s technology support center professionals are always available to help students with technical issues — whether related to the online courses or the Virtual Campus Learning Management System. Our professional support representatives are focused on ensuring an excellent online learning experience. Between FAQs, toll-free phone support, and web/e-mail help, we make sure that online students receive the support they need.