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A robust, high-performance technology infrastructure is one of the underpinnings of a successful online learning experience. Students require an “always-on” learning environment that is immediately available and optimized to provide fast access to the information they need. Robust information security is a must given the large amounts of sensitive student data to be stored.

Redundancy and Reliability

Capital Education’s Virtual Campus Learning Management System is guaranteed to be available at a minimum level of 99.9%. We have invested significantly in redundant power sources and Internet service providers, as well as redundant application servers, that can scale quickly to meet growing demand.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of physical and network security. All of our equipment resides in a secure data center with multiple power sources, power conditioning, primary and secondary air conditioning, fire prevention systems, and round-the-clock security surveillance. Network security is ensured via a multi-tier router and firewall architecture, with logging and alerting at all critical points to enable swift responses to suspected network intrusions.

CapEd™ network infrastructure is based on industry standard computing architectures from Cisco, HP, Microsoft, VMware, and RedHat. Student-facing systems are built around highly redundant fault tolerant systems with 24x7 monitoring and alerting for rapid problem resolution.

Utilizing this system, no intrusion attempt has ever progressed past the outermost tier.