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The CapEd™ Virtual Campus and learning platform has a fully functional administrative portal for delivering the online courses. This tool provides for integration with the student information system through data feeds. CapEd’s robust reporting solution gathers data from all the applications in real time and aggregates them in an online reporting center. This center has executive dashboard reports as well as departmental reports which can be accessed through the web interface or delivered on a rotating schedule.

CRM Integration

CapEd also provides lead generation, marketing, and recruitment services to online institutions utilizing an integrated CRM. CapEd’s CRM and Virtual Campus integrated platform enable opportunities for enhanced data gathering, decision making, and training.

The CRM platform provides the ability to drill down on very specific details — such as the source of every lead — and provides summary level trends which help identify opportunities to decrease acquisition costs.

CapEd has integrated our Cisco IP telephony system with the CRM. Combined with our proprietary auto dialer, CapEd has the ability to instantly call leads once they are created in the CRM system. This greatly enhances contact rate and lead conversion, resulting in more enrollments for clients.