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Whether you're looking to expand existing online programs or build new ones, CapEd can help make it happen quickly, efficiently, and with minimal up-front costs.

Our course development methodology respects the content expertise of your faculty, allowing them to help guide the process. Our aim is to provide the tools and expertise to develop online courses that adhere to your institution’s standards and exceed the expectations of today’s highly connected students.

Collaboration in Design:

Our curriculum development team enlists your faculty subject matter experts (SMEs) as partners. Our instructional designers possess deep expertise in online course design and pedagogy. Along with your faculty members, our team will:

  • Define learning goals and conduct detailed outcome mapping exercises with SMEs
  • Work collaboratively to define content, assignments, materials, and the overall student experience
  • Build assessments to enhance knowledge retention and measure student understanding
  • Ensure that unit outcomes are consistently aligned with course and program objectives

Our team of experts stands ready to assist your faculty members, either by transitioning existing course(s) or creating new online course offerings.

Proven Technology

We utilize proven technologies and approaches as part of our course development process to enhance the student experience. Our Learning Management System offers a variety of features, including contextual discussions, team assignments, instructor Q&As, and content in multiple formats such as text, videos, slides, and animation. All of our online courses utilize this technology, providing a consistent user experience to both students and instructors.


Our courses are tailored to the objectives of each college and designed with detailed input from faculty members. Additionally, we offer authoring tools for instructors to add or modify course content to meet unique class requirements.

A Student-Centric Philosophy of Online Education:

CapEd’s approach to online learning began as a strategic alliance of top business schools looking to respond to the expanding technology needs of colleges offering online programs. Built on a learning  approach validated in numerous research studies, we create learning environments and instructional formats that engage students — a true “Virtual Campus.” In collaboration with client institutions, CapEd builds academically rigorous courses based on a three-dimensional pedagogy:

  1. Constructivist
    • Learners acquire content and build meaning through exploration and extrapolation
    • Course activities require students to create authentic work products and synthesize information
  2. Problem-Centered
    • Humans learn best by doing
    • Learning a new concept or skill ideally combines practice with coaching, advice, and correction by an instructor
  3. Community-Based
    • All learning is socially mediated
    • Tasks may require students to work in collaborative teams to collectively solve a problem through conversation and negotiation
    • Students reflect on what they are learning and have ample opportunities to ask questions of each other and instructors
    • Activities encourage students to re-trace their steps
      and discuss their insights with peers to build new understanding
    • Interactive social media keeps learners connected to classmates and instructors

CapEd’s outstanding online pedagogy, combined with your commitment to academic rigor and high-quality degree programs, provides an opportunity to build best-in-class online experiences for students and faculty.